Shri Yash Pareek firmly believes in

Turning innovative ideas into reality with motive to earn socio-economic benefit for the society and serve humanity as a whole.’

Born on August 11, 1993, following his visionary approach, Shri Yash Pareek with tremendous courage diversified his goals with time into various other sectors and areas as he always believed that ordinary man has extra-ordinary capabilities, the only difference is the hunger for success.

Shri Yash Pareek as Professional

Mr. Yash Pareek became Company Secretary in the year 2016 and he immediately started his practice with a view to offer advisory services to various startups and corporate in India and abroad.

Shri Yash Pareek secured All India Rank-1 in the examination conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and was awarded with silver medal and various other recognitions for his achievements throughout his academic journey.

Services offered by Shri Yash Pareek can be accessed at

Yash Pareek as Entrepreneur

Shri Yash Pareek started his journey of entrepreneurship after being designated as Director of Manomay Innovations Private Limited in the year 2021, whereby he is involved in development of business strategy and ensuring corporate governance at all business levels.

Manomay Innovations Private Limited is currently into Manufacturing of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Plastic products. Shri Yash Pareek aims to set up manufacturing plant of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Plastic products to offer quality products to consumer and generate employment among people of India.

At Manomay, Shri Yash Pareek under his leadership offer incentives and bonus to people associated with the company by distributing profits earned by the company. At Manomay, no remuneration is being taken by Shri Yash Pareek neither as salary nor as Dividend and all profits are distributed among employees and dealers who work day and night for the company as he believes that profit accruing to Manomay Innovations belongs to people working for it.

1% of annual turnover of Manomay Innovations is distributed among poor people through associate company namely Rukmani Devi Pareek Charitable Foundation (RDPC), a Section 8 company incorporated under the companies Act, 2013.

More details of his visionary company Manomay Innovations Private Limited can be accessed at www.manomay.co.in.

Yash Pareek as Philanthropist

Shri Yash Pareek believes to serve society from whatever he earns as he believes that earning with immense efforts and spending it for a good motive should go in consonance with each other.

Shri Yash Pareek is Director of Rukmani Devi Pareek Charitable Foundation (RDPC), a Section 8 company incorporated under the companies Act, 2013 where he offers his services to the needy and poor people in most sustainable manner which can help them to improve their learning and earning and to make them self reliable.

We at RDPC works at three activities:

First one being, food security for all.

Second one being, learning for all

Third one being, earning and self employment for all

Activities conducted at RDPC can be accessed at _____________________.